Dinner with Two Candles (One Out)

Soap dries in the kitchen sink and I think of another life

The sponge life, pure absorption
The dishrag life, full of dirty water
Left out to dry, and why shouldn't it be?

You left half the meal I cooked on your plate
The bloody steak, too bloody, bleeding
I felt the scratches where you cut the meat

So I left it unwashed
Some messes can't be cleaned
Understand, I'm afraid to overcook

In the fridge there is a chocolate cake
Uneaten, inedible, rotten, achingly
Sweet cake would break our teeth

You whisper something dark and harsh and mean
My breath drops and shatters
Bang, bang, my stomach against my insides

I've vomited on my favorite shoes 
You vomit on too just to show me
Happy anniversary darling dearest

Too many more years of this